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About US

Technology Is A Strategic Imperative

As an enterprise passionate for growth, we understand that technology is critical to your business. Technology is no longer a business accelerator but a core driver of business.

We are aware that it is your strategic investment that will drive your growth and impart resilience from disruptions.

We have a deep understanding of how much technology can level the playing field for every enterprise like yours, amidst large enterprise competitors.

We know that technology is the nucleus for innovation and  recognize that it is a lot more complex than anyone expects, so we’re here to use our experience and expertise to make your projects run smooth, every step of the way.

Easy And Engaging

At Aevitas, we endeavor is to make it easy and engaging for companies like you to leverage the power of technology and digitally transform your enterprise. We understand that the vanguard for successful digital transformation is a robust IT and digital acceleration strategy. Developing a robust digital acceleration strategy can be overwhelming. It is a formidable challenge to intertwine digital strategy suitably with business strategy while selecting the right technology. These challenges are what we live for! Our proven methods make digital transformation easy for you, and our passionate team will lead you on the journey to success.

Why Aevitas It?

digital strategy services
We provide digital strategy services to ensure our clients achieve optimal business efficiencies, through digital transformation.

We’re Trusted By Global Brands

The Evolving Digital Landscape

Technology and Business Transformations
IT outsourcing is born | IBM models IT services business | IBM models IT services business | Y2K challenge surfaces | Indian IT players enter talent services
Internet era begins; dotcom crash happens | Offshoring concept emerges | Enron/ Worldcom debacle occurs | SOX is introduced | Big 4 consulting firms change hands
IT services deals/renewed/replaced with new vendors | Cut-throat competition drives deep discounts from IT players | Captive IT centers appear in low-cost destinations | Adoption of cloud & cognitive computing and analytics
Labour arbitrage intensifies | More importance on service delivery | India IT business soars | Global financial meltdown starts
Emerging technologies (predictive analytics, AI, ML, blockchain, IoT) are adopted | Enterprises seek newer IT service models | Customers demand alignment of business and tech | Demand for customization increased | Aevitas IT emerges to deliver this new normal

Customizability And Modularity Are Core To Our Approach

Today, Aevitas IT has evolved into an organization that consistently delivers cost-effective IT services through four hallmark features: