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Testing and Training & Knowledge Services

Testing and Training & Knowledge Services

Testing Services

SAP Testing and Training services are part of Aevitas IT SAP services portfolio. We understand that considerable testing and training efforts are needed during large implementations to get the most out of SAP.

We can help you plan your testing and training strategies as you prepare your project, so that you are ready to mitigate risks and deliver quickly. With the right strategy in place, you can start the project with confidence that your user experience will be improved and your system integrations will be seamless.

Once you have the right strategy, you need the right testing partner. Aevitas IT provide on-demand testing service to identify application errors before they make it into production. Our experienced SAP engineers help to streamline and lower the cost of SAP testing, though the use of proven methodologies and accelerators. 

Training & Knowledge Services

Having a training strategy in place, helps you identify different levels of training required for a successful project. Many projects fail, not because of the technology used, but through lack of adoption and /or knowledge. 

Aevitas IT works with you to identify knowledge gaps and help create a full training and rollout plan to support your SAP project. We help develop learning paths at all levels, from “Introduction to SAP”, “Core User Training”, “End user training” to bespoke technical training. 

We always adopt a “Train the trainer” approach to ensure that core users to get extensive  understanding of SAP functionalities, and have the content and knowledge to share with the rest of your organization.

Besides rendering training services during implementation / migration projects, Aevitas IT training services includes knowledge management services.
We understand that knowledge is an essential currency to tackle the paradigm shifts and disruptions occurring in the technology landscape today. Therefore, Aevitas IT endeavor to equip its customers with not only IT strategies, systems and solutions but also the knowledge and training required for using knowledge as a powerful competitive differentiator.

Our Knowledge Service functions as an extended arm of any enterprises’ technology learning function. Aevitas IT views the technology education requirements of its customers as an important strategic function directly impacting the return on investment into the strategy and systems implemented.

With Aevitas IT Knowledge Services, your teams can benefit from the following advantages:
  • In-depth expertise across a multitude of software and technology training topics
  • Carefully chosen, certified training professionals with vast experience
  • Industry and domain specific training
  • Holistic human development programs as opposed to stand-alone technology training
  • Continued support and hand-holding post programs and regular upgradation packages

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