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MaxValue Application Services

MaxValue IT Services

IT business has completely changed over past two decades. Starting with outsourcing model in late 1980s, staff augmentation model in 1990, offshoring in first decade of this millennium and commoditized early last decade. Now enterprises are having plethora of computing options like cloud computing, SaaS. In addition, newer technologies such as cloud computing, in memory computing, solutions like Automation/RPA, AI/ML, Blockchain, Bigdata have changed the customer needs completely. Now business functions demand SaaS solutions and IT is compelled to accommodate their requests. Also, businesses have started demanding correlation between IT spend and business outcome.

Customers IT organization when they attempt to renew their annuity IT services / support contracts after a few year, now needs lots of assistance in understanding the finalizing new contracts in the current computing era.

Aevitas IT through its MaxValue IT Services assist customers to plan their next annuity IT services / support contract in a well-informed manner and Aevitas IT handles, program manages and delivers new IT services / support annuity contracts.

Aevitas IT has its methodology and accelerators to help customers through MaxValue IT Services

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