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Aevitas IT and Supply Pilot announce strategic partnership to accelerate organizations ESG journeys


Press Release

Aevitas IT, an SAP Silver Partner and digital transformation expert, has announced a partnership with Supply Pilot, the leading provider of Supplier Collaboration software aimed at providing an integrated solution for organizations looking to enhance their Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) initiatives.

The partnership brings together Supply Pilot’s expertise in supplier collaboration and Sustainability and ESG initiatives, and Aevitas IT’s experience ERP/PLM system integrations to provide a comprehensive solution for simplifying capturing ESG data from the supply chain and integrating into existing systems. This will allow ESG data to be consolidated into a single location, providing transparent reporting, and reducing the administrative burden on organizations.

According to James Butcher, Supply Pilot CEO, “It is well understood, such as research from McKinsey & Co., that for most companies over 80% of a company’s environmental and social impact lies with their supplier chain. For FMCG brands, Food and Retail, it can even be as high as 95%. It is therefore essential companies work with their suppliers on more sustainable products, ‘greener’ packaging and supply chain decarbonization”.

“At Supply Pilot we have a proven track record helping companies collect data from suppliers, aligning and activating those suppliers to companies’ sustainability initiatives and supporting suppliers through change. However, there can still be complexity in centralizing all this new ESG data and storing it alongside existing product or organizational data for meaningful, transparent, and actionable reporting.

“The new wave of powerful ESG reporting tools such as SAP Control Tower rely on quality data.

“Aevitas IT brings the expertise around SAP and SAP integration. We are thrilled to partner with the team at Aevitas IT to provide our clients with a ‘joined-up’ ESG solution. This partnership will allow us to better serve our clients by continuing to providing complete data collection and supplier engagement platform and services, but that can integrates seamlessly into their existing systems such as the SAP ESG Control Tower, to report on actual, accurate and actionable data and not industry averages.”

FMCG retailers, CPG brands and manufacturers are all under increasing pressure from their customers, investors and employees to make measurable progress towards becoming more responsible and sustainable. 2022 also saw the landmark SEC rules proposed to enhance and standardize climate-related disclosures.

Whilst over 80% of emissions come from the supply chain – so-called ‘Scope 3’ emission – less than 25% of companies engage with the suppliers to address these emissions, and only 9% of companies can measure their carbon footprint. There is also the need to act on state-based legislation such as Enhanced Producer Responsibility (EPR) and California’s plastic pollution prevention act.

This perfect storm with the demand for supplier engagement when many supply chains are under strain post-Covid, high energy prices and economic concerns on inflation.

“To keep up with the changing consumer demands, the increased reporting requirements, new laws and legislations businesses need practical and pragmatic solutions” says Robert Neill, COO of Aevitas IT. “This is the value Supply Pilot offer with proven capability to engage suppliers with market-leading response rates and participation and helps companies to identify their priorities.

“Data collection is not only quantitative information on products, components and materials but also qualitative data around change plans or the barriers to change. From reducing carbon footprint to ensuring a responsible supply chain, businesses must engage with all of their supply chain, to make ESG reporting truly meaningful.

“Our partnership with Supply Pilot will allow us to help our clients achieve this.”

“The Supplier Engagement Platform and Process offered by Supply Pilot, combined with our team’s extensive experience with ERP/PLM integrations, will help businesses create transparent reporting, make informed decisions, and demonstrate sustainability leadership. As an SAP Silver Partner, we’re excited to maximize the impact of solutions like SAP Control Tower, by making it easy for our customers to capture data on suppliers, products and materials that is traditionally very difficult to obtain.”

About Supply Pilot:

Supply Pilot is an award-winning supplier collaboration platform and consultancy provider for retailers, brands, and large manufacturers. Its mission is to transform the way businesses work with their suppliers to become more successful, sustainable brands, achieving measurable results within weeks.

About Aevitas IT:

Aevitas IT is a leading SAP silver partner that specializes in delivering high-quality SAP services to businesses of all sizes. Their experience and knowledge of the SAP platform allow them to provide clients with a range of services, including implementation, customization, integration, and support.