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Excellence in Execution – Unlocking the Power of Modern AP Solution with Cloud Computing Technology


In the highly competitive business landscape of today, maintaining an edge over rivals is crucial.  One of the key ways to achieving this is through a streamlined and effective Accounts Payable (AP) process. A recent client of Aevitas IT provides an excellent case in point. Despite enjoying an impressive annual revenue of $35 million, their AP system was outdated, inefficient, and posed several risks with challenges.

Following a thorough assessment, the customer enterprise made the strategic decision to modernize its AP technology using Coupa, a best-in-class cloud-based solution. Aevitas IT played a crucial role in overseeing the implementation. We worked closely with the implementation team plus the customer organization ensuring a successful transition to unlock the full range of value-added benefits offered by Coupa.

The scope of the implementation was comprehensive, including vendor data management, vendor inquiries, approval flows, consumable PO and GR creation, invoice processing, with reporting queries for GR/IR and MRBR.  Aevitas IT followed a meticulous implementation methodology, which involved conducting requirement validation sessions with users and suppliers, reviewing the architecture with Coupa for quality assurance, and obtaining approval with sign-off for the organization’s business requirements.

The success of the Coupa AP Software created instant results for the AP Team. With the expertise and guidance of Aevitas IT, the scope was completed on time, on budget, and met all the necessary requirements for transition.

In addition, the organization has experienced many advances after implementing Coupa. The modern, cloud-based solution not only upgraded their outdated system but also added more system functionalities, provided a self-service procurement tool to users, and generated automatic approval workflows.

As a result, the organization now has a streamlined AP process in place. These efficiencies enabled the client to manage cash flow and operational expenses more effectively. In turn, this has created more sound investment options with the increased visibility for strategic bottom-line value. In addition, they increased employee productivity, and improved vendor engagement!

Through “Excellence in Execution”, the Coupa implementation has allowed the organization to unlock the power of modern AP solutions using cloud computing technology, propelling them to new heights of success in today’s competitive business landscape.

By partnering with Aevitas IT organizations can unlock the power of cloud-based solutions, enabling them to manage cash flow and expenses more effectively, provide self-service tools, and automate workflows.

We understand that providing excellent solutions to our customers is not just about technical expertise, but also about effective communication, timely delivery, and proactive support. Our team takes pride in ensuring that every project is executed with excellence from start to finish.

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