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Excellence in Execution – Maximizing Resources with Aevitas IT’s Professional Talent Services


In today’s digital age, companies are increasingly relying on enterprise software solutions like SAP to manage their business operations. However, the availability of skilled SAP professionals remains limited, making it difficult for businesses to find the right candidates for SAP-related job openings. This shortage of resources can drive up recruitment costs and cause project delays. In this Excellence in Execution story, we will examine how Aevitas IT helped a client overcome their resource challenge and keep their projects running on time while reducing recruitment costs.

From Struggling to Success: How Aevitas IT Resolved a Resource Challenge for a Client

The client in question was facing a major challenge in their recruitment efforts. They had been searching for a candidate with the right combination of skills for six months and conducting many interviews. However, they were unable to find a candidate with the expertise in Infrastructure and Program Management that they needed. The client needed someone who was not only technical but also had functional and program management skills, making the search for the ideal candidate even more difficult.

After an intensive search process, and many four-stage interviews that required several team members and interupted projects, the client was still struggling to identify someone who met all the necessary requirements. This search was extremely costly, caused constant disruption to the hiring team and ultimately proved fruitless.

Fortunately, Aevitas IT was recommended to the client as an ideal partner to work with to help them resolve their resource challenge. Our vast experience in finding quality resources for niche skills gives us an edge when it comes to helping businesses with their hiring process.

As an SAP Silver Partner, Aevitas IT has a large network and access to a wide range of candidates, enabling us to quickly identify individuals with specialized skills that a business requires. For this challenge, Aevitas IT reviewed over 25 profiles and conducted many panel and technical interviews to identify the right resource for our client. These were candidates that the client did not have access to, that were interviewed by a team of specialists, at a speed that would have been extremely disruptive and costly to the client.

This careful screening process ensured that the candidates presented to the client had the necessary skills and experience to excel in the role. The result was that the client was able to find the ideal resource they were looking and complete the entire hiring process in just 30 days! We’re also pleased to share that 1 year later, the candidate is still with our client and excelling.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Recruitment

Working with Aevitas IT for recruitment offered our client several benefits, including finding high-quality talent quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of a bad hire, and saving time and resources in the recruitment process.

Quality: Aevitas IT’s extensive experience and careful screening process ensured that the candidates presented to the client had the necessary skills and experience to excel in the role.

Speed: Our large network and streamlined recruitment process enabled us to quickly identify and vet candidates, helping the client save time in their hiring process. What they struggled to achieve in 6 months, we managed to do in 30 days.

Accuracy: Aevitas IT’s extensive screening process helped ensure that the right candidates are presented to the client, reducing the risk of a bad hire and associated costs. Matching the right candidate with an organization goes beyond technical abilities, we ensured that both parties were accurately matched based on culture, environment, growth opportunities and work-life balance.

Saved time and money: We helped the client save time and money in their recruitment efforts by finding the right talent quickly and efficiently. There were no re-posting adds, wading through candidates, conducting rounds of interviews or interrupting projects to pull consultants in to conduct technical interviews.


Overall, Aevitas IT’s expertise and experience in the recruitment industry makes us an invaluable partner for businesses that are struggling to find qualified candidates for niche roles. Our careful screening process and access to a large network of potential candidates can help businesses save time and resources while finding the right talent for their organization.