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Excellence in Execution – SAP Ariba Buyer Integration


The SAP Ariba Buyer Integration (B&I) is a cornerstone of the Ariba Suite, offering complete visibility, control, and compliance for invoice management. But for businesses seeking to leverage the unique features of the Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) suite with S/4HANA, connecting the two proved to be a challenge. That’s where Aevitas IT came in, with a custom integration solution that linked Ariba B&I with VIM in the S/4HANA Cloud. The result? Seamless connectivity and the ability to route select invoices directly to the VIM system. Discover how Aevitas IT made success a reality for this enterprise.

The Need for Connectivity

The challenge faced by users was the inability to fully utilize the comprehensive invoice management capabilities of the VIM suite, due to a lack of standard connectivity between VIM and SAP Ariba B&I. Although there was a direct connectivity between VIM and the SAP Ariba Network, and a standard interface between Ariba B&I and S/4HANA, it only allowed for processed invoices to be posted directly to S/4HANA, leaving no direct route for purchase documents to flow from Ariba B&I to VIM.

Aevitas IT Solution

A roadblock to success was presented to a client, but Aevitas IT rose to the occasion by developing a custom integration to link Ariba B&I and VIM. With a step-by-step approach, they seamlessly connected the two applications, eliminating any previous hindrances to smooth operations.

  • To optimize the invoice posting process, Aevitas IT leveraged the standard interface between Ariba B&I and S/4HANA. By configuring this interface to recognize invoices from select company codes, Aevitas IT was able to bypass the normal invoice processing workflows in Ariba B&I and directly post invoices to S/4. This streamlined the process and allowed for a more efficient invoice management system.
  • The solution was designed to allow for invoices to be processed in a flexible manner, with the option to either route them to VIM or post them directly within S/4. This was achieved through the creation of customized logic, which extracted invoice data based on pre-defined company codes from the Ariba B&I and S/4HANA connectivity.
  • The data exchange between S/4 and VIM was made seamless and efficient with the implementation of XML format transfer. The mapping of identified invoices to SAP data enabled the creation of a standardized VIM registration document, making the invoice processing in VIM effortless and straightforward.
  • The solution made way for invoices to be identified as per a pre-defined logic to check and route the required invoices to VIM, as opposed to a direct posting in S/4HANA. This pre-defined logic ensured that the invoices were properly classified and sent to the correct destination (VIM or S/4HANA) for processing, providing a more efficient and streamlined process.
a custom integration solution that linked Ariba B&I with VIM in the S4HANA Cloud

The Benefits

With the integration of Ariba B&I and VIM, there is an increased level of automation in the invoice processing and improved data accuracy. This results in more efficient and streamlined invoice processing, reducing manual intervention and minimizing the risk of errors.

VIM’s OCR capabilities allow for the processing of invoices in a wide range of forms, ranging from physical copies, PDF’s and E-Mails. This creates a centralized system for invoice processing, reducing the need for manual data entry and further improving efficiency.

The centralized invoice processing system provided by VIM allows for better visibility and control over the invoice process, making it easier to track and manage invoices.

The 1-1 interface between Ariba B&I and VIM enables real-time communication and data transfer, reducing the time taken to process invoices and providing faster and more accurate information to stakeholders.

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