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Revolutionizing Financial Operations: Caribbean Utility Provider Streamlines Reconciliation and Payment Processes


A leading utility provider in the Caribbean faced challenges with their outdated SAP ECC system, particularly in optimizing their reconciliation and payment clearing processes. They sought the help and expertise of Aevitas IT to implement a solution that would integrate the utility provider’s banking systems with their existing SAP system, enabling process automation and increasing efficiency. This three-month project resulted in significant cost savings, reduced errors, and improved financial operations.






3 months


Cost saving | Error Reduction | Process Simplification | Enhanced Financial Operations | Improved Staff Efficiency


 With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the utility provider has built a reputation for delivering essential electricity and water services to a diverse customer base. Identifying challenges has been crucial to business growth and as such the following challenges were identified.

Inefficient Reconciliation and Payment Clearing

Manual handling of bank transactions and data entry into the SAP system led to significant inefficiencies.

High Transaction Volume

Numerous daily transactions necessitated a robust and automated integration to manage the load.

Operational Errors

Manual processes were prone to errors, affecting financial accuracy and efficiency.

Goals and Objectives

Working in partnership with Aevitas IT, the utility provider aimed to:

Maximize SAP ECC Investment

Leverage the existing SAP system to its full potential.

Automate Processes

Optimize and automate reconciliation and payment clearing.

Integrate Banking Systems

Seamlessly connect banking systems with SAP.

Maintain and Enhance

Preserve existing manual reconciliation processes while introducing automated solutions for bank transactions.

Reduce Errors

Minimize manual data entry and associated errors.

Boost Financial Operations

Achieve accurate and timely reconciliation and payment clearing.


Aevitas IT collaborated closely with the utility provider and their banking partners to deliver a tailored solution.


Developed Complementary Solutions

Created an automated process for bank transactions to work alongside the existing manual system.


Minimized Risk

Designed the new system to mirror the old processes, minimizing disruption and risk.



Provided Comprehensive Documentation and Training

Ensured staff could efficiently use the new system through thorough documentation and training.


Provided Comprehensive Documentation and Training

Ensured staff could efficiently use the new system through thorough documentation and training.

Project Delivery

The project unfolded over three months through the following phases:

Assessment and Planning

Evaluated current processes and systems, defined requirements, and planned the integration.

System Integration

Developed and rigorously tested the integration of banking systems with SAP.

Training and Support

Documented new processes, trained staff, and provided ongoing support to ensure a seamless transition.

Results and Impact

The project delivered remarkable outcomes for the utility provider.

Cost Savings

Eliminated the need for manual reconciliation and payment clearing, resulting in significant cost reductions.

Error Reduction

Minimized errors associated with manual data entry.

Process Simplification

Streamlined reconciliation and payment clearing processes.

Enhanced Financial Operations

Achieved more accurate and timely reconciliations.

Improved Staff Efficiency

Enabled staff to work efficiently with both manual and automated processes, enhancing overall productivity.


Aevitas IT’s integration and automation solution revolutionized the financial operations of a major Caribbean utility provider. By modernizing their SAP ECC system and seamlessly integrating banking systems, Aevitas IT enhanced efficiency and accuracy, yielding substantial cost savings and operational improvements. This achievement underscores Aevitas IT’s dedication to fostering innovation and operational excellence for its clients.

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