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Caribbean Utility Provider Achieves Significant Cost Savings and Enhanced Customer Service through Smart Meter Integration


A prominent utility provider, based in the Caribbean, faced significant challenges with their outdated SAP ECC system, particularly in optimizing their meter-to-cash process. Aevitas IT implemented a solution to integrate smart meters with the provider’s existing SAP system, enabling process automation and enhancing efficiency. This three-month project resulted in substantial cost savings, reduced errors, and improved customer service.






3 months


Significant Cost Savings | Error Reduction | Process Simplification | Enhanced Customer Service | Operational Efficiency | Improved Responsiveness


The provider delivers essential electricity and water services to a diverse customer base. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, they have been a cornerstone of the community for several decades. However, the utility provider was experiencing:

Inefficiencies in the Meter-to-Cash Process

Manual meter readings and data entry into the SAP system were time-consuming and error-prone.

Operational Bottlenecks

The high volume of daily transactions necessitated an automated integration to manage the workload effectively.

Goals and Objectives

Working in partnership with Aevitas IT, the utility provider aimed to:

Maximize SAP ECC Investment

Fully utilize the existing SAP system.

Automate the Meter-to-Cash Process

Streamline operations by integrating smart meters.

Seamlessly Integrate Smart Meters

Ensure compatibility and functionality with the SAP system.

Maintain Continuity

Preserve existing processes for old meters while introducing new processes for smart meters.

Reduce Manual Data Entry

Minimize errors and increase efficiency.

Enhance Customer Service

Provide accurate and timely meter readings for better service delivery.


Aevitas IT collaborated closely with the provider and their smart meter supplier to integrate the smart meters into the SAP system. The project was completed within three months.


Developed Complementary Solutions

Created an automated process for smart meters that worked alongside the existing manual system.


Minimized Risk

Designed the new system to mirror old processes, minimizing disruption and risk.


Provided Comprehensive Documentation and Training

Ensured staff could efficiently use the new system through thorough documentation and training.


Implemented Automated Meter Reading System

Implemented a system where staff can request meter readings from smart meters, which are obtained in seconds and automatically generate MRO, reading, and billing documents.

Project Delivery

The project unfolded over three months through the following phases:

Assessment and Planning

Evaluated current processes and systems, defined requirements, and planned the integration.

System Integration

Developed and rigorously tested the integration of banking systems with SAP.

Training and Support

Documented new processes, trained staff, and provided ongoing support to ensure a seamless transition.

Results and Impact

The project delivered remarkable outcomes for the utility provider.

Significant Cost Savings

Eliminated the need for manual meter readings, resulting in substantial cost reductions.

Error Reduction

Minimized errors associated with manual data entry.

Process Simplification

Streamlined the meter-to-cash process.

Enhanced Customer Service

Provided accurate and quick meter readings, improving customer satisfaction.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Enabled staff to work seamlessly with both old and new meters, enhancing overall productivity.

Improved Responsiveness

Became more efficient and responsive to customer needs.




Aevitas IT’s integration and automation solution revolutionized the meter-to-cash process for the provider. By modernizing the SAP ECC system and integrating smart meters, Aevitas IT not only improved operational efficiency and accuracy but also delivered significant cost savings and enhanced customer service for the provider.

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