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SmartSOX: Elevating SOX Audit Efficiency and Compliance in SAP Environments


Press Release

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, October 25, 2023: – In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, ensuring transparency and compliance within SAP environments is not just a necessity; it’s imperative. SmartSOX for SAP Systems is here to streamline your SAP auditing processes, enhance audit efficiency, and empower organizations to proactively achieve SOX compliance while mitigating potential risks.

Key Features of SmartSOX:

  1. Automated Compliance Testing: SmartSOX is an automated compliance testing application that simplifies the identification of potential risks. Utilize the generated reports to select the audit sample for further investigation.
  2. Flexibility and Scalability: The SmartSOX Control Designer allows organizations to design and implement custom controls, providing unmatched flexibility and scalability. It comes with a predefined control set to facilitate a quick start.
  3. Proactive Risk Mitigation: SmartSOX for SAP features a robust Compliance Monitor that actively monitors production systems on a daily basis. It promptly notifies process owners of any changes in crucial system objects included in the controls, enabling proactive risk mitigation.
  4. Automated Investigation: The solution seamlessly integrates with the standard SAP workflow, allowing process owners to approve or investigate potential risks stemming from system changes, automating the investigation process.
  5. Reduction in Manual Work: Task automation and workflow routing reduce the burden of manual labor, ultimately reducing paperwork and manual audit and compliance work.
  6. Focused Audit Sample Selection: By focusing on the right areas within SAP production systems, SmartSOX significantly reduces the effort required in periodic audit reviews, ensuring efficient and effective audits.

“SmartSOX is designed to empower organizations to navigate the complexities of SAP environments(ECC & S/4HANA) with ease, enhance compliance efforts, and proactively address potential risks,” said Robert Neill, COO of Aevitas IT. “Our solution streamlines audit processes, boosts efficiency, and ultimately enables organizations to achieve compliance seamlessly.”

To learn more about how SmartSOX can transform your organization’s audit processes and compliance efforts within SAP environments, please visit to request a demonstration.

For media inquiries, product demonstrations, or additional information, please contact:

Name: Stathis Symeonidis

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: +1 (713) 589 3297

About SmartSOX:

SmartSOX, crafted by team Aevitas IT, transcends the definition of a mere tool. It stands as your essential strategic ally for finance teams navigating SAP environments (ECC & S/4HANA). Our mission revolves around empowering businesses to take a proactive approach to compliance requirements, reduce errors to a minimum, and preserve their most precious assets – time and resources – through cutting-edge automation.